To Do…

Despite being in a lockdown, there is so much to do in life. Below you will find a wide range of activities, from healthy, serious, to the non-sensible. A lot of the to-do thingies are free, some are paid. Just see it a ever growing grab bag of things to do when done with staring at your text books 😉

Tip 10 – What to do after Covid? (sorry, only in Dutch)

Tip 9 – Stay healthy with ‘Frisse gedachtes’ (fresh thoughts)


Hoewel sommigen ondertussen aan de corona-situatie zijn gaan wennen, zijn er anderen die juist dieper wegzakken naarmate de maatregelen langer aanhouden. De sociale onthouding die nu van ons wordt gevraagd kan bijvoorbeeld negatieve gedachten, gevoelens van eenzaamheid en andere gerelateerde psychische klachten veroorzaken, Frisse Gedachtes kan helpen! Frisse Gedachtes is een studentenbeweging die wil zorgen voor een beter studentenwelzijn. Ze doet dat door drie gratis diensten aan te bieden: een chatplatform waarop studenten anoniem met psychologiestudenten en ervaringsdeskundigen kunnen chatten; de mogelijkheid at random gekoppeld te worden aan een mede-student om zo samen een rondje te kunnen wandelen; evenementen om studentenwelzijn bespreekbaarder te maken. Geïnteresseerd om te helpen of heb je zelf behoefte aan een maatje? Kijk op


Some of us are already used to the current situation, but some of us are struggling. Social deprivation could cause negative thinking, feelings of loneliness, and other related psychological symptoms, Frisse Gedachtes is here for you! Frisse Gedachtes is a student movement that would like to contribute to better student mental health. We offer three different free services: a platform where students can chat with psychology students and experts; the possibility to, randomly, get matched with a student to take a walk with; events to make student mental health less of a stigma to talk about. Interested to help or in need for a buddy?

Tip 8 – Visit the Louvre museum online

The Louvre just made the whole collection available for an online visit. So skip the crowded streets of Paris, and take a deep dive into art on their website

Tip 8 – Stay fit & healthy with Tilburg University

Even though we are sitting at home we can still move! The Tilburg University Sports Center has put on this page all kinds of possibilities to exercise at home. You will also find tips on staying healthy at the website. This site will be updated with new information, so take a look on a regular basis.

Tip 7 – Play Keezer’s Quest (prepare for the Dutch elections 15-17 March, Dutch only)

The Dutch tv program Zondag met Lubach invented a game for the people who don’t know what party to vote for on the elections this March. So, play the game Keezer’s Quest, and find out where you stand.

Tip 6 – Visit a museum online

Nothing beats the real thing, but there is also a lot to see online. Below you will find some websites with famous and interesting museums you can visit behind your laptop.

12 World Class Museums

9 Dutch museums with Dutch masters

European museums you can visit online

Dutch museums to visit (website in Dutch, English, and German)

Tip 5 – Start practicing exercises you thought were impossible to do

Tip 4 – Start an academic book club

Starting a book club is always nice, discuss literature via a Zoom meeting. But why not starting an academic book club? In your academic discipline there are plenty ‘classical’ works that are mentioned in textbooks, but that can never replace the excitement and pleasure of reading the original work. Also, there are a lot of new interesting books, which are only marginally discussed in class. The nice thing of being a student, that it is not hard to find fellow readers with at least some of the same interests as you have. Don’t be shy, just ask your fellow students via a class WhatsApp or in the spare time of a online lab meeting (during a breakout room session). Even if you read 4 books a year, it will enlighten your life!

Tip 3 – Spinning records or learn to DJ

Since a while, the DJ set replaced the guitar as the main focus for a musical career. There are plenty free dj courses on YouTube. But if you want an organized and structured course, Digital DJ Tips and Crossfader offer very good courses for a reasonable price (every couple weeks they have courses for reduced prices).

Tip 2 – Girls only

Find out if there is a song with your name: Songs with girls names in titles

Tip 1 – Become a master

Why not spent some of your alone-time to become a master? There are many fields you could master with Masterclass. This is not free, but hey, if you gonna spent it in a pub?