Podcast Tips

Tip 1 – Podcast tips from Linde

During this lockdown I have had much more time to listen to stuff. And in addition to discovering new music, I have also rediscovered the podcast. Whether it is during a long walk or during a task I don’t need all my attention for, I love to listen to an episode. While I also like a good true crime podcast, I feel because those are a bit better known, so I wanted to share my other favourites, some of which might be a bit more obscure.

Getting curious with Jonathan van Ness

I really love informative podcasts, but what I like about this one particularly is the host, whom you might know from queer eye. He is enthousiast and not afraid to ask ‘dumb’ questions. Topics are super diverse as he talks with an expert/celebrity/journalist etc. every episode.

Episode to start: what is techno-chauvinism and are we relying too much on unconscious biased systems? (about IA and racism)

My dad wrote a porno

About a guy who finds out his dat wrote an erotic novel. He joins up with two friends and reads a chapter every episode, which they discuss. The novel is hilariously bad and the hosts have lots of fun with it.

Episode to start: s1e1 The job interview

Beautiful stories from anonymous people

This shows format is that there is always a caller who talks for one hour about something close and deeply personal to them. They are always completely anonymous which creates room for honesty and conversations that wouldn’t easily happen in a different format.

Episode to start: 132. I survived a mass shooting

Ologies with Alie Ward

Another informative podcast. The host talks every week with a different ologist. This ranges from more common expertises such as sociology, psychology and mythology to the more obscure such as deltiology (the study of postcards) kalology (the study of beauty) and ludology (the study of videogames)

Episode to start: thanatology (death & dying)

Everything is alive

Definitely the most obscure and weirdest in this list. Everything is alive is a show where every week the host has an unscripted interview with an inanimate object. It seems weird but it quickly turns quite interesting and meaningful such as in the episode with the grain of sand, who sees itself not as an individual but as a sum of a larger being, and feels that humanity could benefit from more of that as well.

Episode to start: Choike, a grain of sand