Movie & TV series Tips

Tip 5 – The Newsroom, a peek behind the media

The Newsroom is a very good series, 3 seasons. A newsroom undergoes some changes in its workings and morals as a new team is brought in, bringing unexpected results for its existing news anchor.

Tip 4 – Just some movie tips by Tuna

I would like to make a few movie suggestions that I believe are somehow related to the times and meaningful. Maybe you are already familiar with them but I will mention brief descriptions anyways. The movies are: Whiplash: The story of a young promising drummer who will try to become his best despite the difficulties. Boyhood: Shot over 12 years with the same cast, starting from early childhood and goes until college years. Entertaining but also makes us think Cast Away: A beautiful movie about adapting to a major life change and coming stronger out of it. Closely related to our times. Need to mention, none of these movies include heavy, extremely psychological scenes that will make the audence feel worse than they already do. I paid extra attention to it.

Tip 3 – Sociology in the movies

There are many movies which from a sociological/social scientific point are very interesting as well. Next to the story, or the topic, the movies and documentaries show sociological theory or concepts in practice. Below, several websites with tips.

12 influential and inspirational films for Sociology students

10 Must-Watch Movies for Sociology Majors

Movies for sociology class

And there is also a lot written about movies and the social sciences:

Article: Art, Cinema and Society: Sociological Perspectives

Book Chapter: American society and film

Tip 2 – DOCU: Het Calimerocomplex | Tilburg (in Dutch)

A very nice little docu on Tilburg, with several cameo’s of our TSB prof Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld.

Tip 1: Please Like Me (Netflix)

I really enjoyed watching the following series (3 seasons with 30 minute episodes) on Netflix: Please Like Me. An Australian series on young adults in their early twenties trying to make something of their lives. Extremely funny but with a serious side to it about adulting in times of worry, uncertainty, and doubt.


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