Pleuni’s Food Hook

How to deal with a ‘AH freshness pack’?

At the Albert Hein you can buy a ‘freshness pack’. For the international students among you, the recipe and the additional ingredients are unfortunately not available in English. But, especially for you students, every week I will translate two AH Packages.


‘Overwintering’ with Dutch frostbite?    

The age-old Dutch medicine is:

‘ Split pea soup with smoked sausage!’

What do you need to buy?

1 AH pea soup package

This package contains: 1 bag of split peas, bay leaf, 1 leek, 1 carrot,

celeriac, 1 onion, celery leaf.

What do you need to add yourself?

– 400 grams of pork crabs ‘krabbetjes’  – instead of the pork crabs you can also use bacon or even better pork chops!

– 1 smoked sausage (the best is really the UNOX ‘XXL smoked sausage’)

-1.5 liter water

– Salt and pepper (I prefer 1.5 cubes of chicken/vegetable ‘bouillon’)

Cooking utensils

  • large soup pan
  • fine sieve/ skimmer

The preparation:

1. Pour the water (1.5 liters) into a soup pan. Add the split peas and the bay leaf from the package along with the pork crabs (or bacon and/or pork chops).  And let it boil. 

2.Skim the foam from the water with a slotted spoon or fine sieve. Cook covered until tender, about 60 minutes.

Skim the foam from the water with a slotted spoon or fine sieve. Cook covered until tender, about 60 minutes.

3. Clean the vegetables, cut the leek, carrot and 1/4 celeriac into pieces, peel and chop the onion into small pieces and finely chop the celery leaves.

4. Remove the bay leaf and pork crabs (or other meat) from the soup and cut the meat into pieces. The split peas are done after 60 minutes of cooking, but sometimes they have not completely disintegrated. If necessary, puree the soup with a hand blender.

5. Add the vegetable celery and chopped meat to the soup and simmer, covered, for another 20 minutes. Stir occasionally.

6. Slice the smoked sausage (UNOX) and add to the soup. Taste and season the soup with salt and pepper.


Pea soup is tastiest the day after it is prepared! Allow the soup to cool and store in the refrigerator until use.

Serve the soup classically with rye bread topped with cat bacon or old Dutch cheese.